Christina Bell  
My name is  Christina Michelle Bell and I was born February 27, 1985 and soon began to sing at the early age of four.  My first solo was Kim McFarland's "Just Ask In My Name", which was given to me by Ms. Judy Battles who would sit me on the top of the organ bench and had me sing whatever she sang. (She will always be remembered).

As I got older, my exposure as a singer began when people called the church and requested for me to sing for various functions throughout the Shreveport/Bossier areas.  When asked how old I was, people would tell my mother that I couldn't possibly be that young and singing, and that I had to be telling lies!  (I thought that was funny!) 

 At the age of eight years old, my mom made me sing in the Shreveport City Wide Youth Rally.  I painfully recall begging her to let me stay at home or go to work with her so that I wouldn't have to sing, but of course that did not work!
When I turned twelve, I had the opportunity to sing my first solo in the City Wide Youth Rally. When I finished singing,  I opened my eyes and I saw people crying out to God asking Him for forgiveness.  When I later saw the tape, I even noticed my brother crying, and that is when I realized that God had blessed me with a wonderful gift.
During middle school, I began singing in the school choir called the Choral Ensemble. While I was in the choir my grades dropped and I stopped focusing on school and started focusing on boys and music. For three years I struggled to get out of middle school and only by the grace of God I got out of middle school on time.
Our group, Zie'l, was formed while I was in the eighth grade and we sang at almost every concert, social function, funeral, wedding and anything else that you could think of. At that time, I was just singing because I enjoyed it and  was without the understanding of who God really was. 
My focal point was on myself and what I could bring.  I wanted to make people shout, instead of allowing Godís anointing to flow through me and break chains off of His people.
High school was one of the most dreadful moments in my life because I was so scared that I wouldn't graduate with my class. Since boys had become a major factor in my mind, I continued not to focus on my education. My tenth grade year was a blessing from God, being that I passed all of my classes with flying colors and I thanked God along the way!
During the middle of my high school junior year, I switched schools because I was tired of struggling and I wanted to catch up with the rest of my class. Being a graduate of Woodlawn High, I graduated a year late, but I graduated with the understanding that I couldn't pay attention to everyone around me.  I realized that they were not my prize possessions and soon graduated knowing that I didn't need friends to validate my life.
My high school junior year was when I decided that I was going to really live for Christ and become true to God. When I decided to change my life around, some of my friends laughed at me because I stopped doing things that glorified Satan.  It was so hard at times because I wanted to go back and do wrong, and so many different obstacles came my way.  I knew that I had to pass the test that God was presenting to me, so I fought the devil everyday and let him know that he was not reigning over my life. I started reading and understanding what God was saying to me through His Word. ďNow Iím a living testimony for Him. Every time He says go minister to them, Iíll get up and Iíll go out and tell them thatís how He saved meĒ.




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