Apthen Jones  

Sailing by the shore of life the Creator of all things decided to drop a shell containing a rare commodity within its core. Two sweet hearts were taking a walked on the seashore and looked down and there the shell lay beneath the sand. Its hard surface had a sparkle that caught their eyes. The lovers picked it up and realized how special the shell was but did not know its true value.  Later the shell was opened and a true jewel had been produced into the life of the sweet hearts.

Aphten Leonteen Jones, singer, songwriter, and choreographer, this multi-talented artist is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana. She has acquired many awards for her vocal gifts through out her grade school years. During her high school years she meet the love of her life, Steffon D. Jones, whom she later married. Aphten has one of gospel's most distinctive voices. It is a voice that empowers, excites, uplifts, and is full of yoke destroying anointing. She is the older of two children. She has a younger brother, Tarogie W. Jones (whose thought to be the oldest by many of her peers). Aphten is the daughter of God-fearing parents, Gerald A. and Sheila Jones that raised her in the fear of the Lord. She was born October 17, 1983. At the tender age of four-years-old she gave her life to Christ and was baptized at the Bright Star Baptist Church by the late Reverend John H. Maple. Unbeknown to her (until later) God had placed her in the mist of some of the most Holy Ghost filled people on this side of Glory.  She gained exposure from musicians, vocalists, her father (who was a member of the famous Bright Star Male Chorus), and also inspired by her mother’s near professional singing career. Jones was developing into a natural on stage. She allowed her moves, vocals and natural talents to dominate and empower those she ministed to.

While still a young child, Aphten knew she wanted to become an entertainer in Gods’ army. She did not quite understand all God had empowered her with until she got older. She song her first solo, “Yes Jesus Loves Me”, at age four and was reciting Easter speeches, and singing in the Sunday school choir. There was never a dull moment for Jones. She has always been active in her church. On Sunday mornings she would either sing in the youth choir, praise dance, or stand on the front row praising God dreaming of becoming one of God’s greatest singers. She has always had a passion for singing and kingdom building. When and wherever Jones could display her gifts she did it. She sung in city youth events, talent shows, school pageants, school choirs, solo-festivals, church choirs, neighborhood and community events, musicals, plays, state choirs and many other events.

Today she is very much involved in her church as an active member of Peaceful Rest Missionary Baptist Church (Dr. R. Timothy Jones, Pastor). She is focused on winning souls for Jesus and makes no bones about which side of the fence she's on, whether in her home, music ministry, social life, or on her college campus, where she is an Elementary Education Major. Aphten’s passion for loving people for who they are, invokes her to capture the hearts and souls of those she ministers to. She delivers vocal energy that is nothing short of astounding.

In 1998 Aphten’s dream became realty when she and four of her life long friends, organized themselves as Zie’l. Her hard work along with her friends paid off in 2002 they released their first CD  “Give Him your Heart Today”, at that time doors began to revolve for Jones.  She has shared the stage with some of gospels greatest artist. Aphten feels very strongly about keeping the message in her song ministry clear and she will not compromise, water down or sugarcoat true praise and worship. She feels she has an obligation as a gospel artist to deliver the unadulterated true word of God through her music ministry. Her primary concern is saving souls for the kingdom of God. She knows her purpose and what God has called her to do. She wants to reach as many souls as she can with her mixture of musical influences, lyrical depth, melodic richness, phenomenal range, eye-catching moves, and yoke destroying anointing.




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